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With an exceptional natural beauty, mild climate throughout the year, friendly population and a top-quality hotel network, Madeira and Porto Santo are the perfect Islands for those seeking stress-free holidays. Here you can enjoy your holiday on the beach or at sea, in the mountains, countryside or in the city. The perfect spot to getaway and experience unique moments.
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Madeira Archipelago has a lot of activities and experiences to try during a visit to the islands. Most of these activities can be planned in hotels or through specialized agencies that will help you to make the most of your journey. This can go from outdoor activities, to relaxation and wellness experiences. You can enjoy a lot of unique moments, because in Madeira you are in a constant contact with nature. For Nature lovers, Madeira is the ideal destination for planning your active vacations. Also, there are different other things you can do, while in Madeira, such as visit cultural centres spread throughout the Island, appreciate the festive events that are part of our calendar, or simply enjoy our simple and nice city life. Here you can find more specific information about thing to do in Madeira Islands.
Santana is mostly known for its typical straw houses and for the Theme Park (a fun place for all ages) which spans the history, tradition and culture of Madeira. Santana offers one of the most beautiful strolls on foot, with 6 parishes that invite you to discovery (Arco de São Jorge, São Jorge, Santana, Faial, São Roque do Faial and Ilha).
Funchal Downtown And Historical Area
Funchal, capital of Madeira, is located on a bay and started out by occupying a small extension of land by the sea, going up on the mountain slopes as it grew. A few walking minutes away, it is possible to stroll down the centre of the city, where you have access to all commerce and services, and can also visit the town’s main ex-libris. It can be divided into 3 historical nucleuses, which are also its first three parishes: São Pedro, Santa Maria Maior and Sé.
Monte is the highest parish over Funchal, known for its history and botanic heritage. After visiting, those with a healthy heart and adrenaline lovers, can slide down in the traditional wicker monte sledges, - "Carros de Cesto" - a mean of transportation that was very usual in the older days.
Half way between Funchal and the Council of Santa Cruz, in Caniço de Baixo, you can find the first exclusively nautical reserve made in Portugal known as Garajau’s Natural Reserve.
Câmara De Lobos
Just a mere 9 km away from Funchal is Câmara de Lobos, a town which was, until not too long ago, a fishermen’s town, known as such since the discovery of the island, thanks to the sea-wolves inhabiting the bay. Câmara de Lobos also became known due to Winston Churchill’s paintings.
Ponta Do Sol
Located 18 km from Funchal, Ponta do Sol has one of the best preserved historical centres on Madeira. This historical centre grew with the development of the sugar industry. It is obligatory to visit the magnificent Cais da Ponta do Sol, and the Ponte do Caminho Real, in the west side.
São Vicente
At the North of the Island, crossing the central ridge, stands São Vicente. The town has a Volcanology Centre at the São Vicente caves, where you can visit the impressing underground lava corridors and explore other geological wonders.
If you follow the road west, Seixal offers one of the most beautiful landscapes of the north coast of the Island. It has some natural sea water pools, formed by rocks, where the visitor may take an invigorating dive. Seixal’s sea water reflects the green hues of the powerful slope standing above and covered with vegetation, interposed by waterfalls. Seixal also has one of the few black sand beaches on the Island.
Bra att veta
Gateway to Madeira Island, Madeira Airport is a modern infra-structure with capacity to welcome its passengers with the highest levels of safety and comfort. Madeira Airport, 20 minutes away from the capital city of Funchal, has all services essential to visitors, providing several means of transport, rent a cars, travel agencies, tourist information office, among others. An Aerobus runs to the city at roughly one to two hour intervals. There is also the bus which you can take from the airport to Funchal or to Machico. Another option to reach your destination is to take a taxi. Taxis taking you from Madeira Airport to any destination on the island always operate with a meter. As a reference, the fare on the taxi meter at the start of the journey should read 4.00 € during the week. The transportation of luggage or animals is subject to an additional charge. Note: These charges may change and are of the exclusive responsibility of Associação dos Industriais de Táxi da Região Autónoma da Madeira (AITRAM).
Public Transport
One of the main public bus company that operates on Madeira is Horários do Funchal and it is based in Funchal, Madeira. This bus company operate Urban and Inter-urban services on the south, central, and north of the island. You can find more information www.horariosdofunchal.pt If you intend to use buses to touristic tours, there are other companies that will provide that service, and you can find them at touristc offices, and arrange your visit to the island.
Post offices or "Correios de Portugal (CTT) " are usually open Monday - Friday 08.30 - 20.00 and Saturday 09.00 - 12.30. You can find them in different locations around the island, but the main offices are located in Funchal.
The Island’s villages usually have a Health Centre, but the best service and equipment is in the Central Hospital of Funchal (Hospital Central do Funchal – Hospital da Cruz de Carvalho). The emergency number is 112.
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