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Eurovision Song Contest sparks an urge to travel

For two weeks in May, it was Eurovision Song Festival fever in Stockholm. Some 2,000 journalists from 73 countries travelled here to cover the event, and a number of international television broadcasting companies made programmes about Stockholm. It is expected that these productions will spark an interest in visiting Stockholm for a long while to come. 

Eurovision Song Contest sparks an urge to travel

The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) final took place on May 14 at the Stockholm Globe Arena. Prior to that, two semi-finals were held, on May 10 and 12. A total of 42 countries took part in the contest, and there was intense media coverage.

ESC brought 4,000 foreign fans and 2,000 journalists to the Swedish capital. A number of international television broadcast companies covered the contest and made programmes about Stockholm. The final was also seen by millions of viewers in countries beyond Europe, such as China, the US and Australia.

It is too soon to assess the overall effect on the Swedish tourism industry, but the contest is considered to have sparked an urge to travel here for a long time to come. When the Swedish Crown Princess got married in 2010, many people decided to visit Stockholm after having watched the ceremony on TV and become acquainted with the Swedish capital.