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Leisure travel to the US reaches new heights

A larger number of non-stop flights is attracting international visitors. Since Stockholm Arlanda added more direct routes, interest in holidaying in the US has skyrocketed, but international visitors account for the largest increase in passenger volume.  

Leisure travel to the US reaches new heights

The increase in visitors from abroad is three times greater than the increase in Swedish travellers flying to the US. In the third quarter of 2015, there were more international travellers than Swedish travellers on direct routes to the US from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The increase is especially evident among US travellers.   

Chart showing reasons for travel to the US

Leisure travel shows the greatest growth, in part because of lower fares, an increased interest in US destinations and more non-stop routes to popular destinations. We do not see any clear increase in the number of business travellers, with volume holding steady at around 50-70,000 passengers a year.