La Palma

La Palma

La Palma attracts adventurous types – leisurely sunbathing is often overlooked in favour of hiking the island's volcanic landscapes, exploring verdant laurel greenery and discovering the magic of Roque de los Muchachos Observatory.

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La Palma
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Caldera de Taburiente National Park

The centerpiece of La Palma's incredible National Park is Caldera de Taburiente – a few kilometer-wide crater. An extended period of erosion caused the soil to sink, creating an enormous pit in place of a once-existing mountain. The park itself contains scenic hiking trails, waterfalls, forests, and is characterised by its breathtaking natural landscapes.

47 Carretera General de Padron, La Palma

Fuencaliente in the island's south is a good base for travellers looking to explore nearby natural attractions. Visit the village of Los Canarios itself, and take trips to nearby volcanoes (de San Antonio and Teneguia) or salt pools to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of this region.

Fuencaliente, La Palma
Enriclai (Santa Cruz de La Palma)

Enriclai only seats a few and is in high demand, so book ahead. The intimate restaurant has no written menu, so all the day's offers (these change depending on what's fresh or in season) are talked over with Enriclai's amicable hostess Carmen. Local wine varieties are represented in abundance.

2 Calle Dr Santos Abreu, Santa Cruz de La Palma
La Casa del Volcan (Fuencaliente)

Steps away from the San Antonio Volcano Visitor Center is La Casa del Volcan – a longstanding local establishment heralded for its innovative approach to cooking Canarian culinary classics. It's been producing its own wine for nearly a century now, too.

23 Calle Los Volcanes, Fuencaliente
Bodegas Teneguia (Fuencaliente)

La Palma is well-known for its wines, and Bodegas Teneguia is a winery, perhaps, best fit for familiarizing yourself with these. For a very modest fee, visitors will be able to sample all sorts of wines produced here, and enjoy the opportunity to purchase favourites at the adjacent store.

8 Calle N Dos Fuencaliente, Fuencaliente
Mercadillo del Agricultor (Puntagorda)

An excellent market catering primarily to local shoppers, Mercadillo del Agricultor is one of the island's best places to purchase fresh produce, organic jams and cheeses, handicrafts and knick knacks, and even try freshly pressed sugar cane juice paired with a slice of cake or a bocadillo custom-assembled from market offerings.

55 Camino Pinar, Puntagorda

La Palma Airport

The island airport is located at a distance of 8km away from the capital, and serves multiple international destinations. There is a public bus connecting the airport to the island's capital of Santa Cruz and touristic area of Los Cancajos. Buses run every half hour from approximately 7am to 10pm daily. Pre-arranged transfers, car rental or taxi may be necessary to reach destinations elsewhere on the island.

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