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Cancún's white sandy beaches and warm, crystal waters makes it a paradise for all beach and water sports enthusiasts. Add a vibrant nightlife and the closeness to the breathtaking Mayan ruins and you have Mexico´s most popular tourist hot spot. Caring for four million tourists yearly, it´s hard to understand this beautiful resort was a sleepy fishing village just a few decades ago. Cancún is best known as a family, sporting and wedding resort where you can chose your own pace and lifestyle to suit your frame of mind. Its colorful buzz and ancient traditions co-existing with ultra-modern developments enchant everyone, from backpackers to luxury travelers.
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Caring for four million tourists yearly, it´s hard to understand this beautiful resort was a sleepy fishing village just a few decades ago. Cancún is best known as a family, sporting and wedding resort where you can chose your own pace and lifestyle to suit your frame of mind.
Hotel Zone
Most hotels in the Hotel Zone are located directly on Cancún´s beautiful beach. The Hotel Zone itself is divided into kilometer long sections which make it easy to navigate. The heart of the area is undoubtedly Cancún´s famous buzzing party zone (km 8) where the bars and night clubs draw both young and old crowds until early morning hours. The party also attracts performing and visiting celebrities so you´ll never know who you might be rubbing shoulders with.
Dolphinaris Cancún
Is swimming with dolphins a dream to you? Then you have come to the right place. Make it a reality at Dolphinaris Cancún, go swimming with the animals, become a trainer for a day or take a day to follow the daily routines in a dolphin’s life.
Mayan Ruins
A visit to Cancún is not complete without a trip to the famous Mayan ruins. Many of them have not yet been excavated and are waiting to be explored. Chichen Itzá, one of the new seven wonders of the world, is an absolute must. Whilst you are there, don’t miss out on the stunning light show that transports you back in time in a spectacular atmosphere. Equally stunning is Cobá, currently the only ruin that can still be climbed, offering a breathtaking view over the jungle and Tulúm, with its spectacular backdrop of the clear turquoise water of the ocean.
These magnificent cenotes (sinkholes) are unique to the Yucatán peninsula and many still remain undiscovered and unexplored to this day. Witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the large clusters of stalactites and stalagmites being mirrored in the crystal clear cool waters is a unique experience. Every cenote has its own particular beauty and putting on a swimsuit and snorkel the pool is an absolutely unforgettable experience. Some tour operators also offer cave diving excursions for very experienced divers.
Isla Mujeres
A 20-minute boat ride from Cancún lies the small island of Isla Mujeres with its laid back Caribbean ambiance, tiny streets lined with stalls and street cafés in pastel colored houses. Golf carts and mopeds dominate the streets. Although only 5 miles long and half a mile wide, the island offers everything from a beautiful palm fringed white beach on the north coast to a dramatic rocky shoreline on the eastern side. Visit the turtle farm, try one of the local fish restaurants on the beach or visit Garrafón Park at the south of the island with its spectacular view over Cancún’s skyline. A must for nature and wildlife lovers is a tour to Isla Contoy, a nature reserve only inhabited by a few biologists and restricted to 200 visitors per day.
Eco Parks and Tours
If you are looking for a great family day out don’t forget to visit the eco-parks of Xel Há or Xcarét. With shows and adventures set in stunning lush tropical vegetation with exotic wildlife, these parks offer a truly wonderful entertaining, educational and fun day out for young and old alike. For the slightly more energetic and adventurous, try one of the exciting eco-tours which will make you feel like a true explorer.
Parque Las Palapas
The lively, friendly atmosphere of Parque Las Palapas is worth a visit, especially in the weekend evenings. Watch a local performance or just observe and soak in the atmosphere, browse around the artisan stalls or visit one of the bars and cafés dotted all around the Parque. Just across the adjacent car park, next to the church, you find the so-called ‘Hippie Park’ offering hand-made jewelry, lamps and tie-dyed clothing.
Puerto Cancún
One of the newest developments in Cancún, Puerto Cancún is a mixture of residential, commercial and tourist area. Featuring a large marina, golf course, waterside promenade with a luxurious outdoor shopping complex and cafes, it will be another impressive landmark of Cancún.
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Cancún Airport International
Cancún Airport International (CUN) is Latin America´s 4th busiest airport. Located outside the city of Cancún at KM 22 of the Cancún-Chetumal highway, the approximate transfer times to Cancún’s City or Hotel Zone is 20-30 mins. Buses, shuttles, private transfers, VIP vehicles, and Limousines are available for pickup and every terminal has a designated taxi service available. A public modern air-conditioned bus service to Cancún’s central bus station is available outside Terminal 2.
Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)
Public Transport
Cancún’s central bus station is located at the corner of Avenidas Tulum and Uxmal, offering excellent and regular connections to most touristic destinations. A regular shuttle transfer to Playa del Carmen leaves every 15-30 minutes. The frequent local bus service between the Hotel Zone and downtown (R-1 or R-2 buses) is quite efficient and runs 24 hours. Buses stop on hand signal and would often leave before everyone is seated ; bus stops are marked with a blue and black sign with a picture of a bus. You can buy tickets on board but don´t forget to check your change before taking your seat.
Car Rental
All major car rental companies are available. Driving in the city is not recommended as traffic can be daunting. There appear to be no rules, everyone seems to drive at their desired pace and multi-lanes often change into a single lane without warning. Driving on the highway (Carretera federal) is similar to most motorways and autobahns, however, due to occasional pot holes, wild animals crossing and the possibility of drunk drivers it is recommended to plan journeys so that your destination is reached before nightfall. One of the car rental companies available is Mexico Car rental.
Taxis are a common mode of transport in Cancún and Mexico. Despite warnings to agree on a price before getting in, one should know that all taxi drivers belong to a syndicate and there is an official fixed price list split into various zones that all taxi drivers must carry (also available in all hotels). Taxis in the Hotel Zone are more expensive than downtown and a standing taxi always costs slightly more than one flagged down from the curb. One alternative is the Cancun Cab that serves all over Cancún.
The postal service in Mexico is very slow and often not very reliable. Sending anything of importance or value is usually safer by courier service. Cancún’s main post office is located in the city center where stamps or postcards can be found; mail boxes are red and easy to recognize.
There are two types of pharmacies in Mexico, the regular Farmacia and the Farmacia Similares. The former sells well-known brand medications whilst the latter sells cheaper, not-branded medicines. Prescriptions are generally not required for anything and most medicines are widely available. You can find a Farmacia on almost every corner within Cancun´s downtown, with several located in the Hotel Zone. Many Farmacias are open 24 hours and have also a delivery service for a small surcharge.
Country code: +52 Area code for Cancún: 01998 Please note that not all international mobile phones will work in Mexico and it is therefore best to check with respective providers beforehand to ensure service.
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