Long considered to be the jewel of the orient, Cairo is an international city overflowing with an interesting mixture of different cultures. It is a city steeped in the early civilizations of the ancient pharaohs, blended with the history of Christian and Islamic cultures. It is all brought together by the modern sights and luxuries of a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city.

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Alabaster Sphinx

The Sphinx was long considered the most mystical creature in Egypt. There are Sphinxes all around the country but this particular one is an impressive 8x4 metres big and carved from one single block.

Memphis, Cairo
Solar Boat Museum (at the Pyramids of Giza)

This museum houses the barques (boats) that were most likely used to bring the mummies of dead Pharaohs across the Nile to the temple tomb chambers. It is located on the south side of the Great Pyramid.

Pyramids Rd., Cairo
Abou el-Sid

Abou el-Sid has a sumptuous, languorously sensual Oriental inspired décor with equally impressive food. Home-style Egyptian cuisine dominates the menu, with authentic dishes that are difficult to find elsewhere.

157 Sharia 26th of July, Zamalek, Cairo

Birdcage is an excellent Thai food restaurant located in Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel. The exotic water decor by the entrance makes you feel as if you stepped into Thailand and the flavour of the dishes enhances the feeling.

Corniche El Nile Street, Garden City, Cairo
Oum El Dounia Gallery

With good prices, a large variety of choices, and high quality, this store is a nice escape from the busy bazaar. Take a walk through the store and check out their wide selection, from bags to books.

1er étage, 3 Talaat Harb, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate
Khan el-Khalili

An immense market, a bazaar, with sand covered ancient buildings. This place will remain as one of your best memories of Egypt. Use your best bartering skills or you will have to pay double for your goods!

al-Azhar Street, Cairo, Egypt

Public transport

The local buses are like a carnival ride, as they rarely come to a full stop to let passengers on and off! There is a mini-bus that has set routes like the normal bus, but they are smaller and carries fewer passengers, but on the other hand -actually stops properly to let people on and off!


Taxis are inexpensive in Cairo, and the way that most tourists navigate the city. It is important to fix a price before you get into a taxi, and always haggle over the price. Attempting to take advantage of naive tourists is a favourite pastime of Cairo taxi drivers.